Game Changer” Cannabis Curing and Storage. TerpLoc®

No burp curing, no humidity pack storage, better results. The hype is real.

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TerpLoc® Windowed Pouches
Our pouches come in a wide range of sizes to satisfy any packaging needs from cultivation to point of sale.
TerpLoc® Opaque Pouches
Need absolute privacy when dealing with your product? We got you covered.
TerpLoc® Wickets
Our replacement for terpene destroying turkey bags! Wicket Bags are made with added UV protection, and come in two sizes with 100 bags preloaded on a wicket.
TerpLoc® Liners
Stop cleaning and losing potency to bin walls. Increased industrial strength and are puncture resistance for both 27-gallon totes and 55-gallon drums.
Signature Strain Bags – Child Resistant
Here are our one of a kind premium strain bags with exclusive artwork and easter eggs while retaining the power of TerpLoc®.
Fresh Frozen
Extractors, freeze your product quickly and confidently. Fresh Frozen Pouches are made from our specialty instant quick freeze film.
Home Grow & Small Quantities
Perfect for the home grower starting up their operations, personal stashes, or to fill a need between harvests.
Grove Bags X Trashhand
Grove Bags teamed up with legendary photographer trashhand for this limited-edition series of TerpLoc® 1/4 LB Velvet Soft Touch Matte CR bags.
TerpLoc® SuperSac
Have peace of mind when storing your biomass hemp or medical marijuana. The SuperSac creates the optimal micro-climate for storing large amounts of cannabis & hemp.
Merchandise & Swag
Check out our unique custom designed merch or rep the Grove Bags! Stickers, hats, shirts, and more!
Custom Branding & Design
We can fulfill all of your packaging needs with custom sizing and beautiful branding across your entire set of packaging. Tell us more about your custom project.

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