TerpLoc® Windowed Pouches

Available in sizes ranging from 1lb down to 1 gram, our windowed pouches are perfect for showcasing your cannabis at wholesale and are ideal dispensary packaging. Pound pouches can be used for curing and do not require any burping or a humidity pack! Superior product with an easier cure. UV resistance allows you to display your harvest without any degradation worry.


TerpLoc® Opaque Pouches

No window? No problem. Our stealth pouches are available in large sizes including 10lb, 5lb, 2lb, and 1lb sizes. If your state requires completely opaque bags for dispensary packaging,, we have your retail operation covered with sizes from a single ounce all the way down to a gram.


TerpLoc® Wicket Bags

Our replacement for terpene destroying turkey bags! Our TerpLoc® Wicket Bags are made with added UV protection and come in two sizes with 100 bags preloaded on a wicket. These bags will take the work out of curing and improve your cannabis quality.  Available in 5 gallon and 27 gallon options.

Wickets in a line

TerpLoc® Liners

Bins and totes require cleaning and steal trichomes off your flower! Stop cleaning and losing potency to bin walls with our liners. Perfect for drying and equipped with anti-static tech, these liners will increase the efficiency of your grow and keep your trichomes where they belong. Our liners are industrial strength and have added puncture resistance for both 27-gallon totes and 55-gallon drums.

Liners lined up 2

TerpLoc® CR (Child Resistant) Pouches

CR bags in a Line

TerpLoc® Custom Bags

Customs in a line